Nesrin Everett

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Why work with me?

Since as long as I can remember I have been passionate about people, their stories, what drives them and what has meaning for them. This was ever present, throughout the different stages of my life, and eventually led me to choose a path in coaching, which has allowed me to turn this passion into something beneficial to others.

Working in partnership to help people achieve their full potential brings me great joy. Having a diverse and international background I am able to connect fluidly with people from all cultures.

In my spare time I travel independently and spend a lot of time in nature, hiking and skiing. Naturally curious and exploratory, using my coaching "compass", I am able to get to the heart of the matter very quickly and lead individuals to increase their self awareness and find the solutions they need to move forward on their journey.

The majority of my career was spent as a headhunter in the commodities market. I was raised in a family with a father who was a commodity trader - and as a result can understand both the professional and the personal side of life in the trading and business environment. Based on my headhunting background as well as my training as a coach I am extremely aware of the importance of trust and confidentiality in the work that I do.

I have trained with the International Coach Academy and the CTI coaches institute (CTI). I have a degree in Middle Eastern and Modern European Languages. My mother tongue is English, and I can also work in French and Turkish.