Nesrin Everett
Getting Old or Autumn Gold?

“Please keep the noise down,” I said to the lad who was shouting over at his friend. “I’d like to keep my hearing into old age.” “You’re not old!”, the thirteen year old boy said emphatically to me. “Not yet,” I replied “But I am getting older and I’m OK with that. I’d like to be […]

Can You Trust Your Headhunter?

Photo by Duisenberg (CC BY-SA 4.0) Trusting someone with your hiring requirements or with your resume can be nerve-wracking. As an ex-headhunter I’ve seen many different styles of headhunting, some very ethical, some utterly not so. Headhunters often get bad press and I completely understand why. In my junior years as a researcher ...

Kick-start Your Commute!

Photo by Mattbuck I had flown to London, for a meeting at one of the main financial centres, Canary Wharf. Realising I’d hit the rush hour and remembering my days of working in the City, I knew I had to watch my step or get out of the way; fellow commuters en route to work […]

Before You Negate Someone:Think Twice

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” Maori ProverbRecently over dinner, the person I was speaking to asked me: “Do you really believe that all people are good?” I replied, “Yes.” He said “What – everyone, really you mean everyone?” I said, ...

Embracing the Void

I ski in winters, and am a member of the International Ski Club of Geneva where we ski together and learn from experienced instructors. A typical day out is great fun and very social, surrounded by splendid mountainscapes, which certainly makes it more motivating to wake up at 6am and handle a day of being […]

Belief and the board rubber

I was fifteen years old, at school and my daily maths class was about to begin. I hated maths. Just knowing that the class was about to start, bringing forty-five minutes of brain torture, made me restless. In those days we had blackboards and chalk (yes, I am that old!). That day, as on many previous […]

Free Your Feet!

women’s legs in high heels © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  Years ago, while at university I attended an army ball in the UK. The reason I specify an army ball, is that they are famous for their length and intensity; starting in the early evening and ...

How to Identify and Neutralize Gossip

Whether in the office, among friends or even strangers, gossip is something that we are exposed to every day. The Oxford dictionary definition of gossip is: Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true: chiefly derogatory; a person who likes talking ...

Can’t Take Your Lunch? Yes You Can.

Photo from YouTube  “You don’t understand. I just can’t take lunch. They won’t let me!”, the panicked young trader exclaimed, his eyes looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights. In my days as a headhunter, I would frequently interview people, who, realising they could trust me, would let their ...

Poor Me it’s not Fair…

We’ve all been there. Sometimes life is tough and you feel like the whole world is against you. At these points in time, it’s easy to start feeling sorry for yourself. Once you start feeling sorry for yourself it can be hard to get yourself back into the driver’s seat and moving forward with your […]

A Souvenir of Stress Management

“Kite surfing Oahu” by Eric Guinther — Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons Several years ago I was on holiday in Egypt. My best friend and I were in Club Med, El Gouna, far away from our stressful jobs in finance. We were having a whale of a time with nine […]

Help! I Can’t Remember Your Name

Many of us struggle to remember names. Research by Kansas State University came up with a theory that those of us who find names hard to remember are simply not that interested in people and relationships. I challenge this; as although I am certainly interested in people, I am much better at faces than at names. I […]

Space Is Where the Magic Happens

Recently I had two afternoon meetings: a thirty minute meeting starting at 3pm and another at 5pm. Both were located within 15 minutes of each other. Even allowing a 15 minute margin for the first meeting to end (i.e. a hard stop at 3.45pm), that would still mean that I would get to my next […]

What Kind of Resources are Your Humans?

“Human Resources”. The term that replaced “Personnel”. I have to confess that I prefer personnel. “Personnel” relates entirely to people, whereas with human resources, the human aspect seems somewhat negated by the word “Resource”. A “Human Resource” currently reminds me of ...

The cataclysmic desk tidying

I’ll never forget the day my boss decided to tidy his desk. I was 25 years old, and an associate headhunter in a boutique firm in the City of London, focusing on the commodity markets. We were a team of 4, known to be good at what we did, and it took a lot of […]

Gleaning insights from glaciers on impermanence and change

I recently hiked up the Glacier de Bossons in Chamonix. It was a pretty long hike, with an upward climb of 1600m. In spite of the effort required I was keen to go, as I’m fascinated by the glacier, not only because of it’s extraordinary beauty, but also because of the secrets that it holds. […]

What an active volcano and a jellyfish taught me about risk management

As those close to me know, every now and then I get the urge to go on what I call a “walkabout”. This entails me packing a rucksack, and heading off into the sunset for anything from 12 days to 4 weeks. Although some planning is involved (for example, knowing what to pack, having cash, […]

And if you take your hands off the handlebars?

My main mode of transport is cycling. It’s ecological, much faster than the bus, keeps me fit and allows me to be surrounded by fresh air. I’ve always been fascinated by people who could cycle without their hands holding on to the handlebars, looking so comfortable and relaxed, and controlling the bike perfectly just with ...

Focus and finding the flow

Last week I was sitting in the park finishing some work on a paper based on “flow”.  I turned my head and to my surprise noticed that someone had hooked up a line between two willow trees and was walking the tightrope. Fascinated, I watched him navigate his way all across the rope using balance and […]

Rise and shine! 10 ideas for an inspired wake up

Starting your morning off on the right foot can really make a difference to how you perceive the rest of the day ahead. Here are some tips to start your morning off on a high note. 1. Wake up a bit earlier. Give yourself enough time to really enjoy your morning. 2.Make yourself a delicious […]

It’s the journey that counts…

There is the famous saying ‘it’s the journey that counts, not the destination’. Well of course, that helps if we were to take life as the case. The only thing that we are certain of in terms of our destination as human in beings is death. We all die one day, and as to what happens after […]

People are like trees

Photo by Nesrin Everett People remind me of trees. A sapling, needs to be nurtured and sheltered, it is so very delicate and fragile. As a young tree grows, it becomes stronger, yet remains very flexible which is wonderful,  for when a strong wind comes, the tree can bend and this flexibility allows it to […]